Blue Mountain Fire Danger Operating Plan

FDRA 2 – Canyon Grasslands Fire Danger Rating Area

Fuel Model: Y
RAWS: 351518 351520 453803
Fire Weather Zones: OR645 WA693
Historic Data Years: 2010-2020
Description: Canyon and adjacent ground, located in NE Oregon, SE Washinton and Canyon Corridor in Idaho. Predominant features include Hells Canyon, Grand Ronde and Imnaha Rivers.

SFDI: Jolly, W. Matt; Freeborn, Patrick H.; Page, Wesley G.; Butler, Bret W. 2019. Severe Fire Danger Index: A forecastable metric to inform firefighter and community wildfire risk management. Fire. 2: 47.
PV: Experimental replacement for the NFDRS 1978 Oregon and Washington Precaution Value, testing fire season 2022.

FDRA fire history data.
Short, Karen C. 2022. Spatial wildfire occurrence data for the United States, 1992-2020 [FPA_FOD_20221014]. 6th Edition. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive.

FDRA MODIS historical data.
Weather and NFDRS thresholds (median) associated with >= 10 MODIS on the same day. If no chart is displayed below there were no historical days during the period that met the criteria.